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Home page of Graphic Designer & Branding Specialist Adam James Armstrong

This is the homepage of freelance branding specialist and graphic designer, Adam James Armstrong. The work highlights Adam's passion and capability to effectively work across areas of brand identity, graphic design, visual communication and logo design.


Brand Identity+Visual Communication.


Adam currently works as a Strategic Brand Specialist for ROL. His predominant focus is on brand strategy and communication. Over time he has developed a way of working that weaves his own design philosophy through the various stages of the design process. The aim is always to aggregate lines of research and abstract the pure core essence of a brand; bringing together an experience that creates engaging connections between brands and people.

There is a real need for consumer transparency in this ephemeral branding landscape; reflecting genuine values means people can honestly identify and truly engage.


Branding: connecting with your audience


What makes a Great Logo?


A logo is at the forefront of your company, project, service(s) or product(s). It must communicate effectively and provide a springboard to understanding more. It can be a linch pin to adding value when done well. In conjunction with other conditions a logo can also confidently convey your aspirations. 

Above all it must demand your attention and be clear.