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Design Mantra

Treading your own path and walking your own walk is the only true testing ground of any given venture. After working with various clients and businesses it is here that I offer my mantra of working within the design orientated field. I hope you enjoy these little insights; that it is of use to some and a starting point for what might be. You can download my A3 Design Mantra poster here, for free.

Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.
— Robert L. Peters.




Time allows us to gain insights and refine the systems we put in place that enable us to enjoy what we do most. It is a natural part of the process, that regardless of all the help available out there, treading your own path and walking your walk is the only true testing ground of any given venture. So it is, and after working with various clients, fellow colleagues and businesses it is here that I offer up my little mantra of working within the design orientated field. This list is by no means a definitive table of commandments. It can and must be adaptive but it is (I hope) of use to some and a starting point for what might be. 

Below is a FREE A3 downloadable PDF, enjoy.

It's worth noting that there is a high quality screen print in a choice of three colour ways and special finishes set for the future pipeline; so keep an eye in for that.



My A B C of Design (as of now):


*Always be polite (just don't be a dick). *Be aware of what is happening around you, but don't fall pray to trends. *Communication is your ticket to success and your life mission. *Don't take yourself too seriously. *Every mistake is a step in the right direction. *Find a good copywriter and hold on to them. *Get inspired but don't steal. *Have the view to always do your best work and aim for WOW. *It is in part,  your job to educate (but not confuse) your clients. However, the best tool at your disposal are your ears, use them well. *Just make sure you organise that "stuff"; it will keep you sane and on the right track. *Keep on searching, developing and perfecting your craft(s). *Look to create longevity. *Make sure you do other thing's; life must be a balance (the Swedes have it down: Lagom). *New is almost certainly something you must embrace in the first instance. *Own it like a boss. If your concept is solid, have the conviction to express it. *Practice safe design; use a concept (quote by Petrula Vrontikis). *Quit, if you have to. Knowing when and how to walk away takes practice too. *Recognise trying to be "cool" is not cool. *Steer away from cliches. *Time always allows greatness to shine through; get ahold of it if you can. *Use positive and negative space in order to let your designs breath. *Visionary people are the people you must align yourself with. *When a project has the necessary content colour can be used and used wisely and only then. *EXercise your right to be yourself; be authentic, be real. *Your sketch book is a vital key in the constant search and evaluation of creativity; draw stuff/ plot ideas, always. *Zzzz... get some sleep and rest; otherwise you won't manage the above!


Yes, it's free - click the image to download the poster.

[Printable A3 version PDF]