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Project Jo Paul creative therapist

Re-brand project by Adam James Armstrong for Joanna Paul, also known as Jo Paul. Joanna is a professional clinical hypnotherapist with a creative twist.


Joanna Paul Hypnotherapy

Project Title

Jo Paul Re-brand



Joanna (or Jo Paul, as she is affectionally known) is a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist (Dhp), a Master Practitioner of NLP and Timeline Therapy® and a Master Coach.

Joanna was looking for a visual identity that would sit between that of a professional hypnotherapist and that of an "alternative" practitioner. There was a real need to steer away from cliché; these two fields can be seen as polar opposites to each other and furthermore neither fully representative of Joanna's practice or outward view.

What was needed was something new, groundbreaking and yet sensitive towards current clients but that would also look outwards  towards gaining new clients inline with Joanna's aspirational business model.

Art Direction | Branding | Logo Design | Graphic Design | Design for Print | Design for Web


Logo design:

layout/ guidelines/ adaptions & variance.

Jo Paul logo in motion

Stationery Design

Marketing materials.

Web design concepts