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My Work

Browse a selection of my design work. Projects including various visual branding, graphic design, logo design, editorial design, design for print, web, and motion graphics.


Elegant, clean, professional branding and a design outlook that transcends fads. Debandell Interiors wanted a brand that was fresh, clean and timeless with a Scandinavian touch.

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Mandy Brannan ( M J Books )

Monogram design and branding for an educational leader in book making and paper craft.

Read more about M J Books...



Launching an Advertising industry magazine to the market with a winning design led strategy.

Read more about the Pitch Fanzine...


Jo Paul

Reinventing a market with a bold and captivating design solution that demands to be interpreted.

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Hidden Interiors

Re-branding & positioning an established interior design business looking to take a more design centred approach with a move away from a build orientated firm.

Read more about Hidden Interiors...


Linderoth Jewellery

Mixing it up. Scandinavian jewellery designer Maiken Linderoth likes to weave worldly touches into her designs. 

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Zuhause Architects

Promotional material for a minimal hi-end boutique architectural firm wanting to keep things beautifully centred around the work.

Read more about Zuhause Architects...


Glass i Productions

A not for profit company who needed a logo and brand solution to work across all areas of their business.

Read more about Glass i Productions...


Various Logo's.

Here you can take a peak at a few examples of some logos I've designed along the way.

Take a look at various logos designed by Adam...